Family Owned Auto Repair Services

Keeping you safe on the road.

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Family Owned Auto Repair Services

Keeping you safe on the road.

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Family Owned Auto Repair Services

Keeping you safe on the road.

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Family Owned Auto Repair Services

Keeping you safe on the road.

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Family Owned Auto Repair Services

Keeping you safe on the road.

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We repair all Makes & Models as well as RV's and Boats

All Makes & Models

From Basic Maintenance to Major Overhauls, your vehicle will feel like new

Repairs & Maintenance

We Provide A/C Repair & Maintenance to make sure your vehicle is always ready for the Colorado Heat

A/C Services

Your Car Will Love Us

Every vehicle comes out better than it came in

Save time and money with us as we cut out the need for return visits.

We work on all makes and models of vehicles, so you can rest assured that our knowledgeable techs are prepared to handle your vehicle.

  • Reliable Service
  • Great Communication
  • High Quality Parts

Vehicles Repaired

We’ve built our reputation on hard work, integrity, and auto repair expertise. And we look forward to gaining your trust and friendship.

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Auto Repair | Lakewood Service Center

With over 20 years of experience.
You know you are in good hands

From Pre-Purchase Inspections, Pre-Road Trip Inspections, Emissions Testing to Check Engine Lights.

We can make sure your vehicle is always healthy.

After 20 years of experience, Gilberto the Owner of GS Auto Service felt 2018 was the year to move to a new location and set up a new shop.

Having worked at many locations around Denver, this breadth of experience is available near Belmar.

GS Auto Service

Lakewood Service Center

Quality Vehicle Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it important to regularly change my oil?

    It is important to regularly change your oil to protect your engine, helping it last longer keeping vehicle healthy. Without regular oil changes, you can leave deposits, sludge and buildup which over time can cause an early end to your engine.

  • How often should I check my tire pressure

    It is recommended to check roughly once a month, especially during the change of the seasons you can see a decrease in pressure the colder it gets. Without properly pressured tires your engine will work harder, decreasing your gas mileage along with it.

  • Will old spark plugs mess up my car?

    Old spark plugs in and of themselves wouldn't mess up your car. However old spark plugs may not be functioning correctly which means they may not be getting proper combustion in the engine. Over time this can cause other things on the engine to not run properly. Always have your vehicle inspected to ensure proper functionality.

Regular Maintenace is essential to your vehicle's overall health

Our Testimonials

Our Reviews verified on RepairPal.

If you’re searching for an auto repair team that you can trust, look no further than GS Auto Service.

The service was excellent, everything was on time. The place was very clean and nice, even for my kids

Mr. L

Repair Pal Verified Customer

It was the best place to take a car. They have great service. They have taken care of my mechanical needs.


Repair Pal Verified Customer

They did fabulous, very nice, hardworking and very motivated to do a good job. He's been in business for a long time.

Ms. C

Repair Pal Verified Customer

Oil Changes


Brake Replacement


Front End & Suspension


A/C Maintenance


Popular Services

Prepare your vehicle for the Summer

Depending on how often you drive, you may want to look into regular vehicle maintenance to ensure proper vehicle health. Our professionals are ready to make sure your car, truck, RV or Boat are always ready.

A/C Maintenance Check

Is your A/C starting to blow hot air or just not cutting it overall? You may need A/C Maintenance before the coming summer.

Regular & Synthetic Oil Changes

Speedy Service

  • Cars, Trucks, Suv's, RV's & Boats
  • We make sure the lifeblood of your vehicle is always fresh
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Brakes Services

Quality Parts

  • Safety is always number one priority
  • If you hear a squeaky break, its likely time for replacement
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